puisi baru

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hmmmm……ada yg baru dari salah satu ‘temen’ saya….


‘THE SILENT PRAYER’ by Edmund Daniel

My mind is helpless at the thought of losing you,
A journey that we traveled is coming to an end,
To a point of no return, there’s no turning back,
‘Cos I cheated on the one I love and care the most.

I wish that this was all a dream,
I wish that I could re-arrange time,
I know it is too painful for you to hear the truth,
But it is more painful for me to be apart from you.

Our love story was like a fairy tale romance,
From the moment we met and the times we shared,
In sickness I held you tight and gave you strength,
But it was me who caused the final pain.

As I lay here on my own,
wondering where you are and what you are doing,
I only have myself to blame for this mess,
And I whisper in my heart a silent prayer for you..


hmmm…….kok jadi pengikut aliran dia sih? aneh……


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